Q: How can I view the paintings name and info ?

A: If you are on a computer you should be able to click on the image and see it big. Once you have done that, place your cursor over the image and the info should come up. If you are on a smart phone, click on the image to see it big. Once you have done that you should see a tiny dot at the bottom right hand corner. Press on that and the info should come up. If you are still struggling to find the paintings information, we apologize. You could alternatively send us a picture of the image you are interested in. 


Q: Does Cosette do the paintings on her own?

A: Yes, her Mom sets up the paints on the tray and gives Cosette freedom to use her hands, brushes, a painting knife etc. At times her Mom encourages her to keep going as a piece might seem unfinished. Other than that it's all Cosette.


Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: Yes, if you are willing to pay the shipping costs we are more than happy to ship a piece anywhere. 


Q: Why World Vision?

A: There are so many great charities out there and it was tough to choose. However we wanted to give something towards a project that Cosette could really understand. We thought buying animals for families would be great as she could imagine exactly what her money was being used towards. World Vision had a great website set up to buy different animals with videos about what it's like for a family to receive a cow, or other animals. This was great for Cosette to watch to aid her in fully comprehending what she would be giving her money too. 

Q: Why Charity Water? 

A: Charity water has such a fabulous website with videos and educational information that captivated Cosette. As much as this project is about helping others, it is also about educating a little girl about poverty and how she can make a difference. It is very important to us that she understands the process, and what she is working towards. I love how charity water gives you information after where in the world your money goes, with gps coordinates.