A little girl with a big idea


Cosette Swart is a delightful child full of joy and grace. She inspires her parents and others to see the world through a different light. We often feel that we can't make a difference, that we don't have enough money, time or talent to make a real change. Cosette isn't bothered by the fact that she can't change the whole world, instead she focuses on what she can do. Her plan will and is tangibly changing  people's lives, and that is something worth doing. 

Cosette's plan began  when she was informed at the age of 3, to the sad truth, many people around the world die because they do not have enough food to eat. With the innocence of a child, she wanted to help some of these people and so a plan was made. With the help of her parents she decided to start saving money in a jar to put towards purchasing a cow  for people in need.  They began to brainstorm ways she could earn some money and it didn't take long for them to come up with the idea to try and sell some of her paintings.  Friends, family, and friends of friends have been so generous and encouraging helping to make  this plan a reality.

As Cosette began to paint, the interest was incredible. From around May to August she raised  $1900 for world vision. She was able to buy a cow, a sheep and an alpaca. She also purchased a Mongolian Ger, a traditional one-room dwelling, constructed of durable felt-lined canvas stretched over a wooden frame and floor to withstand sever weather. 

She is still painting, and has some money stored in her jar for her next project. We were speaking to her, about how many people don't have access to clean water. Cosette became fascinated with this topic. We spent hours watching water videos we found on charity water, and had many long discussions about it. So the future money raised is going to a campaign through them.  Cosette is now 7 years old and has raised over $16,000 for different charities. 

When Cosette is not painting she is quite the diverse little adventurer.  Every park, forest and hill is something to be explored with wonder and delight. She is extremely social, and if you meet her, she will become your friend. She has a Joie De Vivre that is rare to find.


For more information on how to purchase animals for those in need you can go to world vision

For more information about how serious water issues are go to charity water

If you have any questions you can contact the Swarts at kaswart@mac.com


I want to help feed the poor people